About us 

Founded in Bristol in 2012 and operating as a photography agency since late 2015, Here & Now comprises of a team of photographers that deliver high-quality coverage of electronic music events and festivals around the UK and Europe.


We believe photography is an essential aspect of the overall branding strategy and representation of an event. In order to provide a candid narrative of an event we aim to capture it in a true reportage style. Photographers are encouraged to work in an unobtrusive manner, keeping a low profile both in the crowd and on stage. This preserves the natural magic of the atmosphere at the event, allowing moments to be captured from the viewpoint of the attendee.


As a team, we have proven our abilities in capturing natural, fun and immersive moments at events such as Day Zero Festival in Tulum, Kala in Albania and Love International in Croatia, that have provided our clients with captivating marketing assets and engaging memories for the attendees.

Documenting a party near you.

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