Here & Now

Documenting a party near you.


We want to utilise our extensive knowledge of the ethos behind the festival, and electronic music, to cap- ture the spirit of the non-stop, 24hr party; capturing key moments of crowd interaction and joy amongst the stages and landscape of the event.

Candid moments

Importance will be on acquiring candid crowd photos, and strong hero shots of the artists. We want to retain the personal connection of finding weird and wonderful interactions between the guests around the site and artist to artist relationships backstage.

Discovery of hidden corners

The team will take in every hidden corner of the festival and give time to capture the action that happens both at the stages and away from the dancefloor.

24 hour coverage

Your event is not just a festival that takes place during the day. We want to ensure we cover all times of day & night; utilising our in-depth knowledge of electronic music to find pockets of energy at every hour, showcasing the full breadth of musicality the festival has to offer.

Hero Images

We aim to capture strong artist shots that have the potential to be iconic and recognisable as being per- formances from you event. We aim to deliver images that are unique to your event in order to increase their impact when used in PR and reviews.

Highlight video

Our photographers would also be able to provide highlight clips of certain performances to add on to the daily round up if that was desired. Please discuss this if you are interested in this at all.