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GALA Festival

GALA Festival

GALA Festival -
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GALA Festival

Rakastella 2019

26th May 2019
Peckham Rye Common, London


Chez Damier
Crazy P (live)
Gerd Janson
Honey Dijon
Horse Meat Disco
Maurice Fulton
Mr Scruff & MC Kwasi
Palms Trax
Young Marco
Auntie Flo (live)
Beautiful Swimmers
Dan Shake
Little Gay Brother
Nick The Record
Sassy J
Tenderlonious & The 22archestra (live)
Dan Beaumont
Emma-Jean Thackray (live)
Global Roots (Thris Tian)
Michelle Manetti
Jaye Ward
Skinny Pelembe (live)
Tash LC
Winds & Skins (Donna Leake, Debora Ipekel, Ece Duzgit)

For their second year in Peckham Rye Park, GALA present a lineup that is both fun and thrilling. Established legends, including Honey Dijon and Chez Damier, will play alongside exciting newcomers such as Tash LC and Donna Leake.

Photography by Khris Cowley.