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Rakastella Miami 2019

Rakastella Miami 2019

Rakastella Miami 2019 -
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Rakastella Miami 2019

Rakastella 2019

7th December 2019
Virginia Keys National Park, Miami


Âme (live)
Andrea Bra
Ashley Venom
Aurora Halal
Call Super
Danny Daze
Darone Sassounian
DJ Minx
DJ Tennis
Eclair Fifi
Jayda G
John Talabot
Marie Davidson
Mor Elian
Motor City Drum Ensemble
Oona Dahl
Palms Trax
Soul Clap
Tara Brooks
Will Renuart

Innervisions & Life and Death present Rakastella, their collaborative music and art experience taking place during Art Basel Miami on Saturday, December 7th. The event returns to the idyllic shores of Miami’s Historic Virginia Key to welcome worldly revelers and nomads for a 15-hour music and arts experience. Dance in the sand, explore a curated art landscape and enjoy a soundtrack curated by two of the world’s finest label collectives.

Photography by Khris Cowley.