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The Life and Death Party Barcelona

The Life and Death Party Barcelona

The Life and Death Party Barcelona -
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The Life and Death Party Barcelona

The Life and Death Party Barcelona

14th June 2019
Vila Habana, Barcelona


Andrea Bra
Axel Boman
Danny Daze
Discos Paradiso
DJ BORING (live)
DJ Tennis
Eric Duncan
Gilles Peterson
Justin Van Der Volgen
Joseph Ashworth
Leon Vynehall
Mano Le Tough
Marvin & Guy
Mind Against (House Set)
Mor Elian
Pachanga Boys
Simple Symmetry
Red Axes
Wrong Therapy

DJ Tennis assembles an all-star cast in a dreamlike setting, for the annual Barcelona edition of Life and Death, yet again at Vila Habana.

Stretching back nearly a decade, the Italian label’s trips to the Spanish city marks a key moment in every year’s ravecalender, home to many dazzling memories and unforgettable moments. The weekender, spanning across the 14th and 15th of June, features a bold line-up across two impressive stages - a kaleidoscope of sonic ideals.

Resting atop the hilly outskirts of Barcelona, Vila Habana is a Colonial Neoclassical estate built in 1935, overlooking 20,000 square meters of seemingly endless, flowing gardens. This year marks the third time that the dance label takes over the colossal property; a unique place, far from the city's madness - Life and Death at Vila Habana is the perfect backdrop for your inner-escape.

Photography by Khris Cowley.